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Why specialize in solar energy?

The inevitability and necessity of specialized division of labor

The development of solar energy industry in Yunnan, China, has entered its 40s. In fact, it has always been a glorious tradition for Yunnan’s solar industry to take the lead and develop innovatively. Similarly, in the historical opportunity period of the great development of new energy, if dare not carry out bold scientific exploration, technological innovation, and industrial structure adjustment and transformation and upgrading, according to the market demand and development, to achieve the best of their ability, the specialized division of labor; And then through complementary advantages, asset joint restructuring, to realize the joint development of the strong, it is possible to truly make this new energy industry stronger and bigger.

According to the experience and model of the successful development of high-tech enterprises in the world, it is very difficult to only rely on a certain enterprise (especially a non-shareholding family enterprise) to make the high-tech industry with brand image stronger and bigger. Successful high-tech enterprises generally focus on two aspects: the organization construction of patent new technology innovation and development team with independent intellectual property rights and the information network marketing and large-scale promotion and application of new products; And in order to promote and lead the healthy development of their own enterprises.

To mini, small enterprises only focus on their limited human and financial resources, in the field of a unique expertise or projects, do fine, fine, unique style, the formation of high quality, bulk, and be recognized peer esteem, manifests itself in value existing in the development of the industry, by respect and respect, interested parties can be independent in the world and undefeated.

China Yunnan solar energy in the specialized division of labor and industrial production and manufacturing, there are successful examples: for example, founded in 1996 “Yuxi Jiali solar equipment factory”, the factory from the beginning of the single-minded focus on engaged in flat solar anodic copper oxide composite hot plate core production; On the basis of the original imported equipment, through development and innovation, it has successively developed new copper-aluminum composite JLCY pressure type heat collector core with independent intellectual property rights upgrading, as well as new flat plate collector series products matching with the construction integration project. The quality of the products has always been in the advanced level in China.

Solar Energy in Yunnan

After 17 years of dedication and hard work, it has become a “high-tech enterprise” with a number of national patents and professional production lines of bearing copper-aluminum composite plate core. And with annual sales of more than 500,000 m2, occupying 38% of the national market share of similar products, in 2013 was identified as the “national key new products” backbone enterprise.

At present, Jiali plate core not only meets the production needs of the plate collector core in Yunnan province, China, but also supplies and sells to Beijing, Tianjin, Shandong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Hunan, Guangdong, Guangxi and other places. Yuxi Jiali gives full play to its professional expertise, innovates and develops with The Times, and sets an example for the professional development of solar modules.

Because the solar energy application products are light foam materials with relatively light weight, easy to be deformed and broken, not resistant to pressure and collision, and the long-distance transportation and circulation costs are high, especially the parts and components such as large volume thermal insulation and storage water tank, flat plate collector and vacuum tube are the most. These products for the additional cost of expenditure, at least in the economy is not cost-effective. In addition, the real solar energy “building integration” of high-tech products, but also through a well-trained, equipped with professional supporting transportation, lifting, loading and unloading, hanging equipment and other professional installation team, in order to ensure safety in the special parts of high-rise buildings. Only through professional division of labor and cooperation, is more conducive to the development of the whole industry and to achieve high quality, efficient production.

So, in China under the context of new energy industry standing outside, in the big opportunity for the development of new energy industry, the opportunity will only for those who can objectively realize the possible role in the industry, and the objective “localization” in the industry, form a unique competitive advantage of form a complete set of production capacity, shows itself in the industry value existing in the professional production enterprises.

Dragged down by the financial crisis in Europe and the United States and China’s silicon cells and vacuum tube double overcapacity, forced the entire solar thermal, photovoltaic industry in China to varying degrees into a recession vortex. In the context of the survival of a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises, the responsibility and task of governments at all levels and industry associations is to promote the entire solar industry to carry out the necessary structural adjustment and transformation and upgrading; Force every small, medium-sized and micro enterprises to take the initiative through professional development, unity and cooperation. Thus, the professional division of labor and cooperation of the industrial chain, the formation of regional industrial groups with international competitive strength.

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To sum up, in the industrial structure adjustment, the core is to get involved in solar energy market development of the “Internet + information technology consulting services e-commerce marketing”, “building integrated systems engineering design, professional installation and after-sales service three big social network of” modern productive service industry “, From the various “large and complete, small and complete” solar energy enterprises; And jointly formed into a relatively independent, covering pre-sale, sale and after-sales, all-round, professional customer service independent legal entity: jointly for the entire solar industry to produce solar energy products (including parts and components) manufacturers, public marketing service platform for contract services.

Only in this way, it is possible to completely eradicate solar energy in the new energy industry in product sales; Professional engineering installation; Span more than ten years of after-sales service; Such as the long-term existence of overpriced competition and service is not in place of serious problems. If the solar energy industry does not carry out a large-scale, to create a modern productive service industry “as the theme, to optimize the industrial structure as the goal of professional transformation and upgrading adjustment, the above common drawbacks, will continue to plague this industry, and will continue to seriously hinder the entire industry’s scientific and technological innovation and healthy development.