Accelerate the Solar Industry Union Crew

Why accelerate the solar industry Union crew?

Urgency and Feasibility

The solar energy industry in Yunnan started early, and the promotion and application of solar thermal products in all ethnic groups in the province has a profound impact on the market prospect and great locational advantages. However, we should also see that due to the lack of scientific and technological innovation and technological progress for a long time, it is still at a low level of starting stage. This is related to the backward equipment of Yunnan solar energy enterprises and the decentralized state of small manual workshop production and low-priced product competition. It has lost the competitiveness of making the industry stronger and bigger.

At present, the most urgent task facing Yunnan solar energy industry is how to integrate and organize a group of scattered sand-like enterprises to form a “fighting group” to cope with the low price competition caused by the national industrial structure imbalance. Under the irrational impact of the current wave of national dumping, if the small and micro enterprises in Yunnan are still to fight alone, they will be in trouble because of the great disparity of strength.

Solar Energy in Yunnan

In the whole industry is forced to enter the “reshuffle” and “benefit redistribution” of the critical moment, Yunnan solar industry to seize the opportunity, the first to promote professional division of labor and cooperation through mechanism innovation, optimize the allocation of resources, strengthen the mutual cooperation and horizontal alliance between enterprises in the province. Second, we should carry out system innovation, organize industrial and product structure adjustment through complementary advantages, strong alliance, group development, and set up “enterprise group”. Third, we should take practical measures to start with the most fundamental technological innovation, take independent intellectual property rights as the leading force, focus on the development of a new generation of technologies and products, seize the “commanding heights” of the new technology market, and stabilize the competition pattern.

In the development of low-carbon economy in the information age, we must be practical and realistic, dare to be the first to seize the country has not yet solved, vacuum tube already exist a number of technical performance defects; In solving vacuum tube stagnant water stuffy sun, high temperature scaling, single hole blind tube inefficient circulation, sewage is not smooth, in case of cold explosion pipe, collection storage is difficult to separate, “building integration” difficult to install and other problems, dare to accept technical challenges, dare to boldly attack innovation, to create a vacuum tube with independent intellectual property rights to upgrade products.

The main reason for the chaos in the solar energy application market across China is that in addition to the “blowout” blind development of Chinese photovoltaic cells and vacuum tubes, leading to the “double overcapacity” of similar products and the overpriced competition caused by the maladjustment of product structure, there are two main reasons: First, China’s solar energy lacks the “technical threshold” and market entry mechanism, as well as the positive energy of a leading and stable market situation with high credibility enterprise group, to stabilize the market pattern. Second, the technology content of the first generation of solar energy application technology products is low, so that many small and micro handmade enterprises can be in accordance with the gourd gourd to produce products, resulting in hundreds of small and micro enterprises in the fierce market competition. In order to change this chaotic situation, we must take prompt and decisive measures to prevent harm to consumers.

Solar Energy

First of all, “industry association”, or “industrial alliance” to take the initiative to organize technical forces, develop “technical quality standards”, the announcement of old and backward products “blacklist” and industry “supervision and inspection measures”; Draw the red line warning product performance quality first, set the “market access mechanism”.

Secondly, we should adopt the guiding principle of combining policy guidance and marketization, through the professional division of labor positioning, joint reorganization of the operation mode, joint reorganization into a real new energy “enterprise consortium”, and then integrated into a professional product characteristics of the “community of destiny” type of enterprise group. At the same time, a unified market-oriented “Internet + information technology consulting service center” should be set up; To reduce rank-less competition.

Thirdly, to strengthen the awareness of technological innovation in the industry, in the implementation of the optimization of resource allocation, complementary advantages to improve the special parts to optimize the industrial chain supporting production, at the same time, take the lead in the introduction of updated new flat plate, new vacuum tube and “building integration” local standards and the corresponding high quality new technology products. To form an industrial layout for upgrading new products in the province, and improve the core competitiveness of new energy “enterprise groups”; And unify the regional “Internet + information technology consulting service center” to assume the mainstream responsibility of the market development and promotion of new products; Put an end to and restrain the “guerrilla” living space of low-technology products. On this premise, we will firmly follow the path of “joint restructuring”.

Take innovative technology research and development as the industrial leader to set up an “enterprise group”. The voluntary entry of small and medium-sized enterprises according to: research and development, production, marketing, engineering installation and after-sales service, different professional positions; For each enterprise with professional expertise, first division of labor, then positioning, and then professional joint reorganization. Of each membership enterprise production and operation of the existing facilities, equipment, and existing assets, the overall optimization under the premise of equipment and human resources allocation, breaking the original corporate ownership boundaries, into the industry after the joint reorganization, can be realized from single-handedly, fragmented, the complementary advantages, major cross combination, the means of development.

At the same time, the government in the project development, tax reduction, industrialization base construction and other aspects to give the necessary support and encouragement of financial support; Believe that with a series of industry joint restructuring as the main target of technology development is given priority to promote industrial structure adjustment and innovation of product structure adjustment, the overall transformation and upgrading, then will boost China enters a photovoltaic industry technical innovation and scientific and technological progress on a new journey, for future industrial development, lay the solid foundation.