Yunnan Solar Energy Industry

What is the “one-two punch” and “road map” for the further development of solar energy industry?

After years of development, the solar heat utilization industry in Yunnan, China, as a whole, is still facing a lack of cooperation, trust and consensus, industrial concentration is not enough, brand influence is not strong: the product technology content is not high, the variety is single, and it is in a long-term low-level repeated, trailing hazy and chaotic state.

Up to now, no matter in the field of light and heat or photovoltaic, Yunnan has not been able to cultivate a “core layer” enterprise or enterprise group with innovative ability, late-mover advantage, cohesion, appeal and influence, which is enough to play the leading role in the development direction of the whole industry. In the face of a large number of “public entrepreneurship, peoples innovation” and added to the solar industry a large number of shallow foundations, unequal, different background, in the absence of group cohesion, “fixed layer” is “core” and “loose bed” under the premise of charisma, how to put a large number of fresh blood in the principle of “one can’t be little”, Unite, organize, and unite, even if only as a loosely syndicated group of businesses?

Without a proper integration of the “platform” or “the solar industry park”, such as infrastructure, as well as the authority of the integration method, the explicit integration goals and measures for the integration of division of labor detail to think in the short term through voluntary combination, spontaneously achieve solar energy transformation and upgrading of industrial structure adjustment and yunnan, can only be completely unrealistic fantasy.

The solar energy industry in Yunnan faces “special” market purchasing power and geographical conditions. If the existing technology products radiate into neighboring provinces and urban areas in the west, they will inevitably face fierce competition from similar products in large-scale industrialization of solar energy in the mainland. Outside in the current China’s new energy industry with each passing day, under the context of high and new science and technology rapid development, yunnan is not the dominant position of traditional technology and products, no matter domestic or foreign, can produce the demonstration effect and influence of a new technology, therefore, to realize transformation and upgrading of yunnan solar industry, Also faced with multiple risks and objective existence of congenital deficiencies.

Yunnan solar industry to realize the “Chinese dream” of leapfrog development; In terms of technology and product innovation, the starting point should at least be chosen on the basis of high and new technology which is in the leading position in China; Otherwise the existing “three low” products not only hard to out of the province, but also can’t with the mainland products on the domestic market in the province, waging a hard to avoid disorderly competition, more to the outside world cannot, in southeast Asia, South Asia, west Asia and even Europe and the United States global sunbelt so want to make the solar industry grow into a new growth point of economy in yunnan or pillar industry, Is still a difficult mission to achieve overnight.

Solar Energy

To realize the “Chinese dream” of leapfrog development of solar energy in Yunnan, the provincial and municipal governments should have a clear understanding of the current situation of the entire industry, a clear goal for its development direction, and a predictable risk and outcome at this critical moment of industrial transformation and upgrading. To this end, it is necessary for us to organize a group of Yunnan new energy industry innovation and development of the past, present and future, really have a deep understanding, in-depth research, unique insights, insights: and compile a good “Yunnan solar energy in the long term development plan” or “15 new energy industry development plan”.

In the “development plan or plan” of concrete under the guidance, take in line with the objective reality in our province, in a unified thought, unified understanding, unified action, unified pace, careful planning and design a set of guidelines and policies in order to rectify the market order in the province, adjust the structure of the solar industry reforms as the goal of “combination” and “road map”. Start from grasp science and technology innovation, promote system innovation, mechanism innovation, management innovation, set “target”, grasp “leading”, gather “financial resources”, build “platform”, drink “foundation clear” market “, set “threshold”, establish “rules”, award “standard”, hard “norm”, focus on “support”, strong “push”; Only by advancing this step by step can we achieve expected reform results and significant market returns in a short period of time.

Solar Energy Industry

As far as Yunnan solar photovoltaic cell industry is concerned, due to the photovoltaic cell industry has always been “high pollution, high cost, high price” “three high” phenomenon. Under the influence of the so-called “three heads outside” economic development model “inertia thinking”. In addition, photovoltaic industry needs to introduce modern production technology and equipment with “high input” to produce photovoltaic cells with “high output value”. Such projects with “high input and high output value” are easily paid attention to and strongly supported by local government leaders who pursue “GDP performance effect”. However, under the general premise of unbalanced local economic development in China, the development of China’s solar photovoltaic cell application market is still affected by many restrictive factors, such as government supporting policies, economic foundation, solar resources, and relevant installation and use technical conditions.

In addition, photovoltaic power generation itself is affected by the sun’s insolation, geography, environment, climate, land resource conditions seriously restricted projects; Its supply capacity there volatility and discontinuity, is a typical “discontinuous, scheduling, unstable” characteristics of energy resources, due to the supply and demand both sides needs the long-term existence of the flood ditch in a certain sense (province) in photovoltaic applications in China, is much more narrow than solar-thermal applications market objectively the popularization and application of obstacles, the problem is more also. In addition, raw materials and markets are severely restricted by foreign countries, so the actual profit space is very narrow. Therefore, some experts have repeatedly called for the “blowout” development of this industry, should hold a prudent attitude, it is necessary to analyze it seriously, objectively compare, weigh the advantages and disadvantages.

For the photovoltaic industry in general, the current best window of development opportunities, focused on the development of photovoltaic electronics and electrical application technology products, that is, the diversity of photovoltaic cell downstream industry, innovation, new technology products and related application technology market development. Photovoltaic application of new technology products, should become China (province) current or even the whole “13th Five-Year Plan” period, solar photovoltaic industry development of priority areas and national industrial policy support key projects.

The industrial structure adjustment and deepening reform of China (Yunnan) solar industry with the goal of transformation and upgrading is an urgent and unavoidable event. Therefore, it is necessary to unify thoughts and reach a consensus in the industry as soon as possible. Under the unified and coordinated guidance of the national energy industry policy, the project approval, finance and tax reduction, standard formulation, product testing, market consolidation and enterprise supervision, project acceptance, achievement appraisal, promotion and application; And all aspects of the progress of the work, through the network communication, information sharing.

The industry must strictly follow the “five in one” industrial structure of “innovation, development and research, large-scale production,” Internet + informatization “technical consulting service of e-commerce marketing,” construction integration “engineering design and installation, and social network after-sales service; The implementation of mandatory professional division of labor positioning, under the premise of optimal allocation of resources and talents, joint restructuring, promote the in-depth adjustment and transformation and upgrading of the industrial structure. It is possible to change the current small and medium-sized solar energy enterprises in China (province), and it is also possible to promote the leapfrog development of common prosperity, and promote the early realization of the “Chinese dream” of Yunnan’s green new energy industry.