What is the development status of solar energy industry in Yunnan, China?

It is often said that the sun can be seen through a drop of water. The scale and framework of the development of Yunnan’s solar energy industry can also show the development situation and common problems of China’s entire solar energy industry, although Yunnan has its own limitations and market environment conditions of industrial development are not completely the same as those of mainland enterprises. The solar energy industry in Yunnan started in the middle and late 20th century. It should be said that Yunnan is a relatively early province in the development and utilization of new energy in China. After more than 40 years of development, the solar thermal industry in Yunnan has generally formed the following industrial pattern: All glass vacuum tube production lines in the province are concentrated in Yuxi Taibiao, Yunxi Tongle (has been closed), Dali Planet (namely Yunnan Dianwei Group), Kunming Yijian (” Best day “partner), Luquan Lianghui and other major manufacturers. Among them, Yuxi Taibiao has the largest actual capacity. At present, the factory has set up a company named “YUNNAN Dianwei Group” in HAIkou Industrial Park, Kunming, in addition to assembling part of vacuum household water heaters in Kunming, but also the new development and production of photovoltaic device products (street lamp poles, photovoltaic power supply and LED lamps and other accessories). Luquan Lianghui, which has only been put into production in recent years, plans to develop and produce so-called “high temperature tubes” and “glass-and-U-shaped metal” vacuum tubes after mineral processing with Yunnan native quartz sand through a new process of high magnetic iron removal. And in Luquan Industrial Park into a “loose” vacuum tube water heater industry chain production area. In addition, there are several in the province in a state of semi-production; Vacuum tube glass furnaces and small scale coating production lines with uneven product quality.

Historically, Yunnan has been the main production and application base of flat plate collectors in China since its inception in the mid-1970s. At present, the province still continues to adhere to the production of traditional flat copper-aluminum composite plate core, aluminum wing tube type plate core or laser welded copper tube aluminum blue film plate collector manufacturers are: Yuxi Jiali (mainly produces copper aluminum composite plate core and anodic aluminum thin wing plate) : Yunnan Aluminum Factory, Xinying Aluminum Products Factory, Xinyuan Sunshine, Kunming Yonyi, Hengyu Huiyuan, Global (and other companies mainly produce aluminum wing tube plate core and collector), Dianxin, Shuo Le (laser welding, copper tube – blue film tube plate improved plate collector) and other solar manufacturers. There are several older solar equipment manufacturers in Yunnan, such as Global, Hengyu, Yonyi, China Construction, Xinyuan and Sampu, who have been assembling and producing (aluminum plate core) plate collectors for a long time. This batch of manufacturers basically have flat machine supporting production capacity, most of them also have household solar water heater supporting water tank, tripod, as well as flat plate core and collector components such as stamping, welding, assembly production lines; Some manufacturers even have anodic oxidation production lines; Its production capacity is beyond the actual supporting needs of its whole machine products. In the province within the actual assembly production of traditional metal frame production of flat plate solar collectors, about 400000-600000 m2, about 20% of the total 2012 national tablet production after entering the 21st century, due to the lack of technological progress, flat collector long-term plus metal prices, vacuum tube overcapacity formation factors, such as low prices, In terms of output, quality, sales volume and scale of application, the development trend of Yunnan flat plate collector is not what it used to be.


In kunming as the main body, also has a part of provincial cities production unconfined stainless steel household solar thermal circulation water tank or non-standard vacuum tube header, common solar water heating system heat preservation heat storage water tank and water tank manufacturing enterprises more than 60 its manufacturing-according-to-sale capacity, enough to satisfy the vacuum tubes, flat home or share in the province form a complete set of solar water heating system of the actual needs.

If the above vacuum tube and traditional plate production capacity in Yunnan Province are added up, the theoretical total production capacity of solar collector in Yunnan Province can still reach: 8.6 million m2/ year; If all of them are assembled into 20 pipes/set or 4m2/ set of standard household solar hot water system, its annual output can reach 2.15 million/set or so; The total theoretical annual output value can reach 4.3 billion yuan. At present, the capacity of traditional solar water heaters in Yunnan, mainly made of all-glass vacuum tubes (including old flat plates), has far exceeded the actual demand of the provincial market. Among them: the output of vacuum tube has been obviously in the production of excess capacity than sales; The technology of tablet products lags far behind the requirements of advanced technology level outside China.

With the rapid development of urbanization in China, there are more and more high-rise and super high-rise modern buildings. And the proportion of new buildings that use solar water heating systems is falling. If China’s solar thermal technology continues to stand still, the crisis of excess production capacity of traditional vacuum tube (including old-fashioned flat) solar thermal products may be “detonated” at any time. But one thing is certain: this crisis of vacuum tube (including old-fashioned flat panels) overcapacity is unlikely to be as dramatic as the photovoltaic crisis. Because it will only impact the Chinese market in China, and only hurt the professional manufacturers of real tubes as the main body, as well as the solar water heater manufacturers in China (province) that continue to maintain the traditional backward flat-plate collector production line.

According to incomplete statistics, Yunnan solar photovoltaic photovoltaic application industry involved in small and medium-sized enterprises, if including similar enterprises outside the province in Yunnan branch or agents, its footprint throughout the province, cities and counties, and even some towns and villages. Among the nearly 300 solar energy enterprises in Yunnan, about 97% of them are small and micro enterprises with less than 100 employees. The common problems of such enterprises are: small economic scale, insufficient volume, backward equipment, similar products, disorderly brands, uneven product quality. Yunnan solar water heater market, basically still in disordered competition, low – price dumping chaos. The whole industry is now Mired in the mire of homogeneous products overpriced competition.

For Yunnan solar thermal utilization industry, the industrial chain, product elements, devices and supporting system have not yet been fully formed. The province is still short of quality reputation of the basic components. The production and manufacturing industry of modern new energy fine equipment manufacturing (including tooling fixture and special processing equipment) supporting the solar energy industry is still lacking in the province. It can be said that in addition to the continuously thriving solar energy application market, Yunnan’s solar energy industry is still an incomplete system, which is not completely self-sufficient. It needs to further adjust the industrial structure and product structure, and make deep transformation and upgrading. It needs to take scientific and technological innovation as the leader, and carry out specialized division of labor and cooperation. Further strengthen high-quality parts batch supporting production capacity and all-round revitalization of the “emerging sunrise industry”.

In 1984, Yunnan Semiconductor Device Factory took the lead in introducing the first monocrystalline silicon solar cell production line from the United States and Canada in western China, and through digestion, absorption and improvement from scratch, the output increased from the initial 0.5MW/ year; The photovoltaic cells of 40mm~50mm wafer with photoelectric conversion efficiency of only 12% started; Step by step to develop to have 100MW/ year large wafer photovoltaic cell production capacity; The optical conversion efficiency reaches the national advanced level of 17.5%~18.7%; In the same industry ranking once entered the national top ten backbone enterprises. On November 18, 2004, “YUNNAN SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICE Factory” was transformed into a joint-stock company, introducing 9 enterprises including Xi ‘an North OptoELECTRONICS Co., LTD to increase capital and share, and officially renamed as “Yunnan TiANDA Photovoltaic Technology Co., LTD.”. Due to the EU financial crisis, the “double anti” investigation on Chinese Volt products has shaken Yunnan Investec’s traditional export markets in Europe, Spain and Germany. At the same time of Yunnan Investec’s “closure and bankruptcy”, there are two or three larger solar photovoltaic cell manufacturers in Yunnan that are being built or under construction. They are preparing to enter the tragic game of photovoltaic cell market outside China.

However, since November 2013, the national Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has published several times in line with the national current “photovoltaic manufacturing industry standard conditions” of the enterprise list, Yunnan has not a company on the list.

After entering the 21st century, Yunnan photovoltaic application, especially in the national plan to invest more than 9 billion yuan, the construction of Yunnan Shilin 166MW solar photovoltaic grid-connected power station (only completed the first phase of 20MW). According to incomplete statistics, only in the first ten years into the 21st century, Yunnan Province has mushroomed like the birth of ten specialized in photovoltaic product development and application of small and medium-sized enterprises. In general, although the photovoltaic application industry in Yunnan started late, it has a high starting point and a large span, and has achieved remarkable scientific and technological achievements and economic benefits. High quality professional and technical personnel play an important role in the innovation and development of high-tech enterprises. The above “provincial situation”, an objective reflection of Yunnan solar photovoltaic industry development status quo. Secondly, it also shows that Yunnan has the basic conditions of software and hardware technology for the further development and expansion of solar photovoltaic application technology industry.

Yunnan Provincial Party Committee and government have always attached great importance to rural energy work. In the provincial government, under the elaborate organization and unified deployment of our province agricultural departments at all levels adhere to the principle of focused, concentrated, and closely around the ecological environment construction, improving rural production and living conditions, optimizing the structure of rural energy, promote agricultural efficiency and farmers’ income and promoting the construction of new socialist countryside goal, promoting clean energy in rural areas work, has received the good effect. In the construction of new countryside can complementary energy, solar energy and other new energy technology has been in the flue-cured tobacco, tea, coffee, notoginseng, walnuts, pepper, medicinal herbs of drying, processing of farm and sideline products, such as rural energy saving technology, agricultural facilities, geothermal heat, large and medium-sized methane project auxiliary energy, solar street lamp lighting, photovoltaic water pumping system, etc., Have been developed to different degrees should be used.