Solar Energy Industry in Yunnan, China

What is the development goal of Yunnan solar energy industry?

In today’s China, if the development of solar energy industry is discussed and planned based on the demand and potential capacity of the Chinese market, the focus of the industry development is relatively concentrated in the field of light and heat applications. According to preliminary statistics, the total production of solar water heaters in China reached 66 million m2 in 2013; It accounts for more than 80% of global production: 310m m2; It accounts for more than 60% of the world’s total. The data prove that to some extent, low temperature solar heat utilization is still the main industry of solar heat utilization in China.

Solar Energy Industry in Yunnan

Although low temperature domestic hot water is an important aspect of solar thermal utilization, especially for China, a large developing country with a population of more than 1.3 billion, it can not be considered that solar water heater is the whole utilization of low temperature heat. We need to continuously explore and innovate in the field of heat utilization, enrich and adjust the heat utilization technology and products in an all-round way, so as to independently walk out an innovative road with Chinese characteristics and meet the development needs of Yunnan solar energy industry.

Strictly speaking, local governments play a very important role in the enrichment and adjustment of solar industry development goals. Therefore, it is suggested that the government in the administrative management, first of all to learn from Jinan City government in Shandong Province issued “100 meters of building strong installation order”, adhere to the implementation of the “four unification” (unified planning, unified design, unified construction, unified installation); Three simultaneous “(synchronous design and construction, synchronous installation acceptance, synchronous put into use); And promulgate the local solar energy “building integration standard” and the “quality certification” of the solar energy (flat plate, vacuum tube collector and other key product components; And as the Yunnan Province (or Kunming city) solar energy market “technology access threshold”, to create the Yunnan solar energy new technology revolution “benchmark starting line”.

To demonstratively establish a relatively complete management system of producer service industry, which integrates “technical installation standards” of the “building integration” product series of solar photovoltaic and photovoltaic systems and “Internet + information technology” engineering consultation and after-sales repair and maintenance. And according to the above “strong installation order”, “local standards” and “management system” and other mandatory measures, the whole industry to transform the mode, structural adjustment of the deepening reform. On the local market requirements of building energy saving solar products must have according to the “building integration” installation standards and strict product “quality certification” supervision, inspection on the basis of the corresponding distribution of “qualified” quality “label: based on the establishment of local” building integration “products” market access system “. Strengthen the standardized management of solar product market and production enterprises; We will also focus on supporting the development of independent intellectual property rights.

Solar Energy Industry

According to the investigation report of the central news media, there are great security risks in China’s grain storage: the average annual loss rate is as high as 8%; The average annual grain loss rate in the country’s old grain warehouses is no less than 3%-5%, and the total amount of grain lost every year in China is staggering. However, if solar drying equipment is used, the speed and quality of grain dehydration and drying can be effectively improved. The same use of solar temperature control, humidity control system for ventilation and drying, can prevent insects and mice harm at the same time, to ensure that the grain does not mildew deterioration caused by new losses.

In fact, as early as the 1970s and 1980s of the 20th century, Yunnan had made some innovative technological achievements with independent intellectual property rights in the development of solar energy low-temperature heat utilization technology in the development of local industry and solar energy application technology in agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, deputy and fishery. Yunnan has a huge market potential in solar energy utilization. At present, these productive heat utilization projects lack strong industrial policy guidance and necessary “development tests” and “typical demonstration” cases to pave the way for the development of heat application technology has become a “blank zone”.

To some extent, the development test and typical demonstration are an indispensable means of popularization and application of the new solar energy technology. The government should set up scientific experiments and typical demonstration projects for the development of solar energy in industrial and agricultural production and other more extensive fields by means of joint public bidding of multiple departments for the necessary energy saving and consumption reduction projects.

Solar thermal utilization has a deep connotation, to desertification, rocky desertification area of solar thermal power generation, small to solar distillation sterilization, solar fiber lighting and so on, are solar thermal utilization technology is the most good, a wide range of applications, market prospects are broad. In the short-term or long-term development plan of Yunnan’s ecological civilization construction, there should be goals, plans, and large-scale enrichment and adjustment in the task list of Yunnan’s solar heat utilization technology development, and the requirements should be earnestly implemented, so as to save energy and reduce emissions, and control atmospheric haze pollution for China.

In a word, in the field of low temperature heat utilization, it is necessary to firmly grasp the key “node” of the new technology of high-rise “building integration”, and the “short board” of the national solar energy utilization of solar drying, and establish an objective, fair and authoritative scientific evaluation system of demonstration projects.

Because the distribution of solar resources on the Earth is not balanced, so in line with the principle of seeking truth from facts, according to local conditions. County and township governments that need cities should plan solar thermal utilization projects suitable for local application in urban and rural construction.

Solar Energy

For small towns located in areas with abundant or most abundant solar resources, the development and utilization of solar energy and renewable energy must be taken as the focus of urban and rural construction and new rural construction in ecological civilization construction and as the strategic goal of green development. Among them, the passive solar room in Gansu, China, has been widely applied in the 1970s. Such practical new technology projects require little investment and technical difficulty, but the practical effect is obvious. For the vast rural areas, it is the best choice for China to realize the construction of new rural areas and solve the problem of rural energy supply by building a new rural energy supply system based on the comprehensive utilization of solar energy, wind energy, small hydropower and biomass energy.