What are the major problems in China’s Yunnan solar industry?

The plight of “three low” products:

The development of solar energy industry in Yunnan, China, has reached a critical historic turning point. If it continues to develop blindly, it may fall into an embarrassing situation similar to the so-called “middle-income trap” of developing countries. No matter “light and heat” or “photovoltaic”, the whole solar energy industry in Yunnan province is currently in the dilemma of vicious competition in the production of “low technology, low quality, low efficiency” “a tube, lamp” similar products! Due to “three low” and “street” and “vacuum” “double excess capacity”, result in yunnan province the entire solar industry was shrouded in jagged “more, scattered and disorderly” chaos under the situation to change this passive situation, take the way is to local government to make up my mind to according to the objective laws of market economy development, In line with the market operation principle of “maximization of benefit” and “maximization of efficiency”, while strengthening market supervision, ensuring fair competition and standardizing industrial market order, we will strongly promote the optimal allocation of production resources.

Among the existing enterprises, select a few backbone enterprises with truly independent intellectual property innovation patent technology, industrial transformation strength, professional ethics, influence, cohesion and development potential in the industry, and concentrate special funds of local finance to give them inclined support. Promote it to take the lead in the realization of high value-added renewal of a new generation of patented technology products technology development, and industrial production. By setting the “technical threshold” of the new patented technology product quality standard; As well as the strict technical quality evaluation intervention of industry authoritative experts, edit the patent technology based “famous, special and new” product promotion directory and “obsolete product blacklist”, strengthen support for the upgrading conditions of “famous, special and new” products. In this way, the whole industry is forced to develop and innovate according to the market demand, so as to get rid of the dilemma of maintaining the production of “low technology, low quality, low efficiency” and “three low” products. At the same time, the government should guide the bidding companies and relevant business departments to clearly regulate and resist the overpriced bidding competition of “obsolete and outdated products”, so as to prevent the field control failure.


In the long run, through the two strategies jointly promoted by multiple forces, we will strive to promote the solar energy small and medium-sized enterprises, realize the industrial transformation and upgrading of specialized division of labor positioning and complementary advantages, strong alliance and cooperation supporting, and promote the joint restructuring of the whole new energy industry: And build into a dynamic and competitive force of the “new technology research and development – large-scale professional manufacturing – sales’ Internet + informatization a productive, engineering installation and after-sales service” of the enterprise group, jointly promote the rise of the solar industry cluster, to promote the technical quality of the whole industry to upgrade, realize the sustainable development of new energy industry.

Only through the “technical innovation alliance” or “collaborative innovation center” kind of way of cluster, break the private individual small-scale peasant economy tight hoop, the reorganizing and unite all go the way of development means “community of destiny”, can thoroughly solve the solar energy in yunnan “, scattered and disorderly “problem, break through the” three lows “obstacle, leapfrog development, It is also possible to achieve the whole new energy industry stronger and bigger goal.

In a word, to achieve the above strategic objectives:

First, it is necessary to integrate or form a solar industry association with a unified will and industrial management ability.

Secondly, the newly established solar energy industry association should organize the solar energy industry expert committee and the standardization committee to pass the strict technical examination and approval, and formally promulgate the technical threshold for setting the local technical quality standards for solar energy. Review and announce the list of local “famous, special, excellent and new” products and “obsolete and obsolete products” of solar photovoltaic, strengthen support for the promotion and application of new technology products, compress the living space of “three low” products, and fundamentally realize the purpose of cleaning and purifying the solar energy market.

Again, and only by fully grasping the solar industry association of industry industry dynamics, is likely to assist the government department in charge of the business, accurate screening of innovation and the development of new technology in large-scale industrialized production, sales, systems engineering design various backbone enterprises and professional and technical advantages of features as a “core” and “fixed layer” of different level, Close to the “core layer” and “close layer” enterprises, guiding to promote the industrial joint reorganization among the same type of characteristic enterprises; Thus realize the transformation and upgrading of specialized division of labor and coordination; To build a “community of common destiny” enterprise group with development vitality and competitiveness.

Through the above steps, we will adjust the industrial structure and product structure, rectify the market order, promote the upgrading of industrial technology and quality and the upgrading of large-scale production capacity, and promote the innovative development of the new energy industry.


The solar energy industry, which is at the core of the construction of ecological civilization and belongs to the new energy category, should take the scientific outlook on development as the guidance, start from the reality, learn from the beneficial experience outside China, gather consensus, make overall planning, form the resultant force of reform, and promote the transformation, upgrading and healthy development of the whole industry. Under the guidance of the guiding ideology, main tasks and basic principles of accelerating the adjustment of industrial structure, and with the support of scientific and technological innovation, we should simultaneously carry out the comprehensive deepening reform of technological innovation, mechanism innovation, system innovation and management innovation.

To increase the new energy product research and development ability and the level of technology and equipment manufacturing, optimize product structure, strengthen the popularization and application of new energy in the whole society from all walks of life, to better meet the demand of social multi-level consumption, promote resource saving and environmentally friendly, the construction of ecological civilization society, make bigger solar energy application market, In turn, it has promoted the new energy industry to a new level and sustained healthy development momentum.