Debut of the First Sodium Battery-Powered Electric Two-Wheeler

Debut of the First Sodium Battery-Powered Electric Two-Wheeler

A groundbreaking stride in the electric vehicle sector has recently been marked by Yadea’s release of the industry’s inaugural mass-produced sodium battery electric two-wheeler. This vehicle features Huayu New Energy’s pioneering sodium-ion battery named “Extreme Sodium No. 1.” Huayu New Energy stands as a tech enterprise excelling in the development, production, and sales of graphene and new energy batteries. This milestone is propelled by Yadea Technology Group, a global leader in two-wheeled electric vehicles, consistently topping global sales for six consecutive years.

HVAC Technician Replacing Batteries in Digital Thermostat

The Crucial Role and Selection of Battery Thermostats

Battery thermostats serve a pivotal function in maintaining stable temperatures for batteries, thereby extending their lifespan, optimizing performance, and ensuring safety—an indispensable component in various fields such as automotive, power systems, battery swapping stations, and communication equipment. Understanding Battery Thermostats A thermostat, designed to sustain consistent temperatures, typically comprises a sealed enclosure, a temperature control […]

Solar Energy Industry in Yunnan, China

What is the development goal of Yunnan solar energy industry?

In today’s China, if the development of solar energy industry is discussed and planned based on the demand and potential capacity of the Chinese market, the focus of the industry development is relatively concentrated in the field of light and heat applications. According to preliminary statistics, the total production of solar water heaters in China […]

Accelerate the Solar Industry Union Crew

Why accelerate the solar industry Union crew?

Urgency and Feasibility The solar energy industry in Yunnan started early, and the promotion and application of solar thermal products in all ethnic groups in the province has a profound impact on the market prospect and great locational advantages. However, we should also see that due to the lack of scientific and technological innovation and […]

Yunnan Solar Energy Industry

What is the “one-two punch” and “road map” for the further development of solar energy industry?

After years of development, the solar heat utilization industry in Yunnan, China, as a whole, is still facing a lack of cooperation, trust and consensus, industrial concentration is not enough, brand influence is not strong: the product technology content is not high, the variety is single, and it is in a long-term low-level repeated, trailing […]


What are the major problems in China’s Yunnan solar industry?

The plight of “three low” products: The development of solar energy industry in Yunnan, China, has reached a critical historic turning point. If it continues to develop blindly, it may fall into an embarrassing situation similar to the so-called “middle-income trap” of developing countries. No matter “light and heat” or “photovoltaic”, the whole solar energy […]


What is the development status of solar energy industry in Yunnan, China?

It is often said that the sun can be seen through a drop of water. The scale and framework of the development of Yunnan’s solar energy industry can also show the development situation and common problems of China’s entire solar energy industry, although Yunnan has its own limitations and market environment conditions of industrial development […]

China's domestic solar water heaters

Organization and operation of “Internet + Information Technology Consulting Service Center”

China’s domestic solar water heaters and public lighting solar street lights have long been in the status quo of no professional team for maintenance and repair management. If the delay continues, not only will the performance of the existing solar water heaters and solar street lights not be fully and effectively brought into play, but […]

Solar water heater - after-sales service link that is easily neglected

Solar water heater – after-sales service link that is easily neglected

There has never been a mandatory technical threshold and corresponding market access mechanism for solar water heater series products in the Chinese (provincial) market, coupled with the similarities of products across the country, the lack of revolutionary technological innovation for a long time. Qualitative price competition. With the increase of labor wages, prices and costs, […]