Analysis of technical and economic benefits of solar water heating system

Analysis of technical and economic benefits of solar water heating system

For the analysis and evaluation of the social and economic benefits of each solar water heating system, it is a valuable objective reference standard data.

To analyze the social and economic benefits of a solar hot water system, first of all, we must make an objective and realistic construction plan for the construction of the system, and calculate the amount of capital needed to construct the project, or the total cost cost:
Total cost = direct production cost + indirect sales expenses + enterprise management expenses + financial expenses

Direct production costs include the consumption of raw and auxiliary materials, fuel, water, electricity and other materials consumed in direct production: workers’ wages and welfare benefits; production and manufacturing of mold fixtures and related equipment, and the demolition, repair, and lease costs of workshops; As well as national taxation and policy-related amortization expenses.

The sales expenses in the indirect costs include labor expenses, intermediate expenses, advertising expenses, travel expenses, office expenses, and transportation expenses, loading and unloading (installation) expenses, insurance expenses, etc. incurred by the enterprise in the product marketing process.

Enterprise management expenses include enterprise administrative management, technology development, technology transfer, amortization of intangible assets use expenses: and various other expenses incurred in organizing production and operation and after-sales service management.

Financial expenses are the sum of interest and related currency costs incurred by the company in raising production and operating funds, as well as reasonable profits.

When analyzing the technical and economic benefits of the project, it is impossible and unnecessary to do a detailed cost accounting of a specific single product. More importantly, it is necessary to judge the production and sales cost of a specific enterprise based on the average production cost level of the integrated solar energy industry in the region. rationality. Generally speaking, the direct production cost of solar water heaters accounts for about 45%-55% of the total quotation; indirect marketing (including transportation and installation) costs account for about 20%-30% of the total quotation; corporate management fees account for 8%-10 %; corporate financial expenses (including interest and profit) are about 12%-20%; based on this, we can objectively analyze the rationality and authenticity of the manufacturer’s quotation. In addition to objectively assessing the actual total capital investment required for the project, we must also realistically evaluate the technological advancement, practicability, reliability, total hot water production and guarantee rate of the project. So, how should we evaluate the advancement and reliability of product technology? First of all, it is necessary to analyze the technical construction plan of the heat collection system item by item from the system design. Check the scientificity and rationality of the system design layout; verify whether the circulating heat exchange mechanism is scientific and efficient; check whether the volume of the heat preservation and heat storage circulating water tank matches, whether the quality and thickness of the material and the insulation layer can meet the requirements of the project; view Whether the installation position is consistent with the load-bearing structure of the building: on-site investigation of the circulation pipeline direction, connection, insulation effect and pipe diameter selection for any problems; and the selection of materials for the control system, pipe valve fittings, circulating power, and operating components, and whether there are any leaks Or fake and inferior; the scientificity, rationality and advancement of the actual control parameter selection. Only through careful analysis and investigation, sampling survey, and physical comparison can we draw objective conclusions on technical feasibility and reliability. Afterwards, after several consecutive days of trial operation, the actual measurement of the system’s total heat production and guarantee rate compliance will enable us to make an objective assessment of the technological advancement, practicability and stability of the system’s engineering design. Actual correct evaluation.

Analysis of technical and economic benefits of solar water heating system
solar water heating system

In the bidding of solar water heating projects, it is necessary to standardize the problems. For example, the bidding announcement specifies the use of a certain structure, a certain form, or even a certain price and a certain model of water heater. Strictly speaking, if Party A already has the purchasing intention of specific brand and model target selection, then there is no need to go to the circle of project bidding at all. Facts have proved that many of our owners don’t know much about solar water heating projects, and they know what they are, but don’t know why. Especially in the context of the overcapacity of domestic solar water heaters in our country and the development of homogenization and deformity, the competition of overpriced counterfeit and inferior OEM products has become commonplace. The above-mentioned formalistic bidding practices are not only unfavorable to the development of new technologies and new products and technological progress in the industry, but also more likely to lead to commercial corruption. It is certain that in the bidding conditions, the method of specifying the specific system structure, or the collector brand and model is absolutely impossible, and it is absolutely impossible to find the truly advanced technology, high quality, and reasonable cost performance through this form of gated bidding. Satisfied with the product. For a solar thermal-photovoltaic utilization project, to achieve truly good social, technical and economic benefits, it can only be achieved through openness, fairness, justice, selflessness, openness, and the technological advancement of a hundred flowers, and the technical performance of the product without any prerequisites. Only after the competition of strength and the digitization of quality, quality and price of seeking truth from facts, it is possible to draw correct, objective and selective conclusions with reference value for decision-making.